Status - Complete

Made over the course of a weekend for a game jam, I "slightly" underestimated how hard it would be to set up a local over network multiplayer top down shooter. Prior to the jam, I had the basic networking built (this was done in Adobe AIR/AS3), which included connecting clients to each other and chat. But apparently, putting a game on top of that took a lot more work, and I barely scraped by and got the main game done before the time ran out, albeit a bit buggy.

It's a competitive top down shooter for up to four players. They cannot see each other when the lights are off, but can see their bullets. So the players would have to sneak their way over to the beacons and capture them without being shot or seen. The networking/lobby is still pretty buggy and very volatile in the order that things are done, i.e. server creating a game and clients joining and not leaving.

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